Westminster Confession of Faith

Westminster Shorter Catechism


Westminster Larger Catechism

Table of Contents

[Note: this table is based in part on the outline of the WLC in the  commentary on it

by Johannes G. Vos (written 1946-49; edited by G. I. Williamson, P&R Publishing, 2002); 

this commentary is a great resource for further study]


Part 1: What Man Ought to Believe (Qs 1-90)

  1. Man's Chief End, Revelation, and Scripture (Qs 1-5)

  2. God (Qs 6-11)

  3. God's Decrees (Qs 12-14)

  4. Creation (Qs 15-17)

  5. Providence (Qs 18-20)

  6. The Covenant of Life, the Fall, and Judgment (Qs 21-29)

  7. The Covenant of Grace (Qs 30-35)

  8. The Mediator of the Covenant of Grace (Qs 36-45)

   9. The Work of the Mediator (Qs 46-56)

10. The Benefits of the Mediator's Work (Qs 57-90)


Part 2: What Duty God Requires of Man (Qs 91-196)

11. Obedience to God's Revealed Will (Qs 91-97)

12. Introduction to the Ten Commandments (Qs 98-101)

13. Man's Duty to God: the first four Commandments (Qs 102-121)

14. Man's Duty to Others: the last six Commandments (Qs 122-148)

15. Conclusion to the Ten Commandments (Q 149)

16. Man's Lost Condition (Qs 150-152)

17. The Way of Escape from God's Wrath by the means of Grace (Qs 153-154)

18. Means of Grace: Scripture (Qs 155-160)

19. Means of Grace: The Sacraments (Qs 161-177)

20. Means of Grace: Prayer (Qs 178-196)


WLC 196 Qs